Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS

Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS

This sensor is packed with GPS and 19 different measurements that can be monitored live or collected over the long term.


Product Summary

The Wireless Weather Sensor is an all-in-one instrument for monitoring complex environmental conditions. It houses several sensing elements within a single unit to provide 19 different measurements. Use the sensor in logging mode with the Weather Vane Accessory for long-term monitoring, or use it as a handheld instrument to study microclimates and record ambient conditions relevant to environmental phenomena. You can wirelessly export data to your device for classroom analysis and group activities that are constrained by time. With the built-in GPS, you can collect location data for student investigations and analyze it on the map display, powered by ESRI ArcGIS, within SPARKvue software.

Weather Measurements

    • Ambient Temperature
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Direction (true)
    • Relative Humidity
    • Absolute Humidity
    • Dew Point
    • Wind Chill
    • Heat Stress Index

Light Measurements

    • Ambient Light (lux)
    • UV Index
    • PAR
    • Irradiance

GPS Measurements

    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Altitude
    • Speed
    • Magnetic Direction
    • True Direction


  • Logging mode for long term experiments
  • Water resistant for extended environmental monitoring
  • Built-in light sensor for measuring light level and UV index
  • New map display (in SPARKvue software) for analyzing spatial data
  • 19 different measurements that can be collected and analyzed individually or simultaneously.


  • Conduct weather sensor experiments by collecting multiple days of weather data
  • Study wind and pressure changes as a storm or front approaches
  • GIS and mapping activities to investigate water quality, species distributions, and more (when used with other sensors)
  • Investigate microclimates around campus

What’s Included

  • 1x USB charging cable


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