Advanced Structures Set

Advanced Structures Set

The Advanced Structures Set includes more components to build a larger variety of structures.


Product Summary

Build larger trusses, bridges, and other structures. The included axles and pulleys make it possible to build working cranes and other structures. (Does not include roadbed and car).

The Advanced Structures Set includes more components to build a larger variety of structures. Axles and pulleys allow construction of cranes, cars and even a working catapult!

As with all Structures Systems, Load Cells (sold separately) can be placed anywhere in the structure, allowing you to measure tension and compression forces at that point.

Load cells, a load cell amplifier, and an interface are required to collect and analyze data using PASCO software.


  • Increases the capabilities of the ME-6991 Bridge Set
  • Build larger suspension bridges and cranes
  • Includes axles and pulley, flexible I-beams, flat members and drive wheels with rubber tires.

How It Works

Build larger bridges and as well as cranes, catapults and towers: This set provides many more I-beams and necessary connections, making larger and more varied bridges possible. The set also includes axles and pulleys for building and studying working cranes.

Add measurements to your system: Load Cells provide you the means to accurately measure tension and compression in real-time—anywhere in your structure! You build the Load Cell right into your structure where you want it—and easily relocate it without disassembling the entire structure.

Collect data on your choice of interfaces: Load cells connect to a load cell amplifier which can then be connected to any current PASCO interface.

What’s Included

  • 2x Force Platform Bracket
  • 24x I-Beam #5 24 cm long
  • 54x I-Beam #4 17 cm long
  • 54x I-Beam #3 11.5 cm long
  • 24x I-Beam #2 8 cm long
  • 24x I-Beam #1 5.5 cm long
  • 10x Flex I-Beam #5 24 cm long
  • 18x Flex I-Beam #4 17 cm long
  • 18x Flex I-Beam #3 11.5 cm long
  • 16x Flat Beams (3 lengths)
  • 2x Axles (3 lengths)
  • 42x Connectors
  • 32x Cord Tensioning Clips
  • 6x Round and Flat Connectors
  • 6x PAStrack Fasteners
  • 24x Angle and Straight Connectors
  • 12x Sliding Connector
  • 12x Pulleys, O-rings, Spacers
  • 24x Collets
  • 4x Drive Wheel with Rubber Tire
  • 2x Structures Rod Clamps
  • 300x Screws
  • 1x Yellow Cord (1 roll)
  • 1x Instruction Manual


Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


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